About Us


Providing quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction

We are the No.1 window tinting shops in Tallahassee and offer two unique locations and a mobile service as well as an online store. We use state of the art computerized systems to complete our tinting service accurately and fast. We are No.1 for one simple philosophy; “If your car does not look good after our installation, then we do not look good.”

Our History


Doc Gets His Start

Doc started in Houston Texas as a 3M installer. After years of service in the 3M organization Doc ascended to the top of the class as a Professional Window Tinter.

MARCH | 2007

Tennessee St. Location Opens

Doc Tint relocated his tinting operations from Houston Texas to Tallahassee Florida. This marked the start of what is now know as BEAT THE HEAT WINDOW TINTING.

JUNE | 2013

Apalachee Pwy. Location Opens

The first location was established downtown in the heart of the city and from there made its way into the heart of it's customers. To keep up with the demands of a larger consumer base Beat The Heat Window Tinting open it's parkway location to increase convenience to it's Patroons in Southwood and Perry Florida

Why Us

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Window tinting is not a perfect science, but we learned over 25 years ago to stand behind our services. We depend on our clients for their referrals. Therefore, our goal and guarantee is high quality products and services at an affordable cost.

  • We offer a clean comfortable air condition waiting room for you and your family.
  • We take the time to give you thorough understanding of the investment for your home, vehicle or business.
  • We offer lifetime and extended lifetime warranties.
  • We strive to have a film that best fits your needs and your budget.
  • For us, window tinting is a lifetime application so we work for your referrals.
  • We work hard to keep our customers coming back.

Our Advantages

The Word On The Streets

We work hard to have you tell your families, friends and neighbors about the good experience that you had at "Beat the Heat". The way we work is to keep you coming back again and again as so many of our customers do when they buy new vehicles. See what they say about us. Review previous clients testimonials.

Educating Customers

There are many reasons to tint your vehicle, home or business. One is heat reduction and because the Florida sun can be notorious at times it is a blessing to have a device that reduces that heat by as much as 40 - 70% and allows us to go green at the same time. Keep in mind that when you reduce heat you also reduce energy cost. So window tinting is a two-fer in heat reduction.

Online Scheduling

We now offer clients the convenience of booking appointments online. Clients can see our real-time calendar availability, self-select the time that works best for them, and easily book their own appointments in advance. With a few clicks clients can choose to book from available times at either of our two Tallahassee locations.