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Reasons To Tint

"There are many reasons to tint your vehicle, home or business, but here I will list just a few. One is heat reduction and because the Florida sun can be notorious at times it is a blessing to have a device that reduces that heat by as much as 40 - 70% and allows us…
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Beat The Heat Team

Beat The Heat is two generations strong. First there is Doc (aka Doc Tint) with over 30 years experience. Doc started as a 3M installer in 1982 and although not part of the 3M organization anymore, Doc is at the top of the class as a Professional Window Tinter. Doc points to 2 game changing…
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How We work

The way we work at BT Heat is simple. We believe in customer satisfaction. True, as humans there are times we miss the mark, but when that happens we just ask our customers to give us time to make it right. Our mission statement is simple, " If your car doesn't look good, then we…
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