Reasons To Tint

"There are many reasons to tint your vehicle, home or business, but here I will list just a few. One is heat reduction and because the Florida sun can be notorious at times it is a blessing to have a device that reduces that heat by as much as 40 - 70% and allows us to go green at the same time. Keep in mind that when you reduce heat you also reduce energy cost. So window tinting is a two-fer in heat reduction.

Next, there are moments when the sun can also be blinding and the UV rays can be unforgiving. Those UV rays can wreck havoc on our car's interior as well as our skins. Between the glare and the UV rays, we and our families and pets can become uncomfortable and irritated at even a simple drive to the local store. Again, window tinting reduces the glare substantially and at the same time eliminates those harmful UV rays up to 99.9%.

Although privacy can be subjective to each driver, there are some times when must of us just do not want our vehicle to be easily gazed into. The "not wanting to feel as a goldfish in a bowl syndrome", pushes some of us to tint to the edges of the legal limits.

To me, window tinting does enhance the appearance of the vehicle, but more than that, it also helps by protecting the glass in cases of intentional or unintentional breakage.I could go on and on but after being in the business for over 30 years, my thoughts are somewhat bias. Truly hard for me to understand how a person could not see the many benefits of a properly tinted vehicle."

Doc Tint

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