Rolling in Style: Beat The Heat Window Tinting’s VIP – Trans Am!

This week, we are thrilled to feature a true legend as our VIP customer – the iconic Trans Am! Ever since our journey began, Trans Am has trusted Beat The Heat Window Tinting to keep its sleek exterior cool and protected from the sun’s harsh rays.
With its timeless style and powerful performance, the Trans Am embodies the spirit of speed and sophistication. Our top-quality window tinting services not only enhance its visual appeal but also provide crucial protection against heat, UV rays, and prying eyes.
At Beat The Heat Window Tinting, we take pride in serving our valued customers like Trans Am with precision, professionalism, and a touch of automotive artistry. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary vehicle of the week and let us elevate your ride to new levels of comfort and style!
Stay cool, stay stylish, with Beat The Heat Window Tinting.
Welcome to Beat The Heat Computerized Window Tinting, your premier destination for top-quality window tinting services in Tallahassee, Florida. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as the go-to choice for vehicle owners seeking professional window tinting solutions.
Our expert team utilizes the latest techniques and premium materials to deliver flawless results that enhance the aesthetics, comfort, and privacy of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to reduce glare, protect your interior from UV rays, or add a touch of style to your ride, we’ve got you covered.
At Beat The Heat, customer service is at the heat of everything we do. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll experience a level of care and attention that sets us apart. We take pride in offering personalized consultations and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you drive away completely satisfied with the transformation of your vehicle.
Experience the unparalleled expertise and professionalism that have made Beat The Heat Window tinting the best choice for window tinting in Tallahassee, Florida and Number 1 in Google Review. 

Indulge in comfort and relaxation at Beat The Heat Window Tinting’s newly upgraded waiting area, where your comfort is our PRIORITY!

Experience the ultimate relaxation and convenience while we take care of your vehicle. We keep our shop clean and sanitized. Our waiting room is air-conditioned, and we do our best to keep our clients comfortable and their experience enjoyable. Book your appointment today and discover a new level of luxury as you Beat The Heat in style!

Keeping Vehicle Interiors Cool and UV Protected

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Experience the best with Beat The Heat Window Tinting, your authorized 3M™Auto Films dealer. Choose from a variety of tint levels and opt for the superior performance of 3M™ Crystalline, installed by our expert team. Elevate your driving experience today!

Warranty Work

We strive for perfection in our work, continuously improving every aspect of our company to provide you with the service you deserve. As part of this commitment to quality service, we include warranties for our tinting work. You can contact us whenever you find an issue with our work and we’ll redo it for you.

Our Mission

To provide incredible customer service and to be the best window tinting service team.


NOTICE: Rear Windshield can be damaged by removing old film. Therefore, Beat The Heat gives a disclaimer of damage during the rear window removal process.

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At Beat The Heat Computerized Window Tinting, we believe in customer satisfaction. Our success is based on our client’s experience with us. Our mission statement is simple, If your car doesn’t look good after we tint it, then we don’t look good as a tint shop. 

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